Trust in New Zealand documentary heritage

Trust in New Zealand documentary heritage

Turnbull Endowment Trust is delighted to have secured a significant Lottery Environment and Heritage Board grant, in support of the Alexander Turnbull Library centenary programme.

The centenary exhibitions Pūkana: Moments in Māori performance and Mīharo: Wonder, are currently underway with Pūkana open now for an extended period. Mīharo focuses on the wonders within the library, due to open early 2021.

A collaboration between Turnbull Endowment Trust and Te Puna Foundation, these exhibitions communicate the depth of the national resource, held in perpetuity, within the Alexander Turnbull Library. 

The Lottery Grant enables the Turnbull Endowment Trust to both physically and digitally, extend the reach of our documentary heritage to wider New Zealand and international audiences.

We extend our thanks to the Lottery Grants board for recognition of the significance of Alexander Turnbull Library's first 100 years and their contribution towards its future.

… and the story doesn’t stop there. 



Paula MacLachlan
Executive Director
M: 021 710 961

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