Lilburn Lecture — New Zealand music: Living the dream

Lilburn Lecture — New Zealand music: Living the dream

Date: Monday 2 November 2020, 6pm to 7pm
Cost: Free event. RSVP essential as spaces limited.
Part of the Lilburn Lecture series

Join us for the annual Lilburn Lecture. Author and broadcaster Karyn Hay looks at the life of an artist, focusing on the challenges for a generation of New Zealand musicians and songwriters. Special guests Don McGlashan and Shayne Carter will perform.

Reality of life in NZ for an artist

In this year’s Lilburn Lecture author and broadcaster Karyn Hay looks at the reality of life in New Zealand for an artist. Reflecting on the recent acquisition of Flying Nun Records collection into the Archive of New Zealand Music at the Alexander Turnbull Library, she will focus on the challenges for an entire generation of New Zealand musicians and songwriters.

How to stop yourself going mad?

Karyn will touch on the themes of the creative process and the recurring challenges for an artist: leaving home to ‘make it’ overseas, radio play now and then, having a day job, and the ability to keep pushing through those barriers to create art, particularly with family and financial obligations.

She will also look at the questions of when and why do some give up? Is the challenge any different for the genders? How to stop yourself going mad, giving up or becoming bitter? More optimistically, has it given everything, if not more, than you hoped for?

Live performances included

The lecture will include performances by New Zealand singer-songwriters Don McGlashan (Mutton Birds, Front Lawn) and Shayne Carter (Straitjacket Fits, Dimmer).

Lilburn Lecture Series

The annual Lilburn Lectures are a collaboration between the Lilburn Trust and the National Library of New Zealand. This year’s Lilburn Lecture will be the eighth in this series of open public talks.

Lilburn Trust

Refreshments will be served following the Lecture.

About the speaker

Reputedly New Zealand’s first female Rock DJ, Karyn Hay ONZM is a New Zealand author and broadcaster. Receiving national fame as the presenter of 1980s music TV show ‘Radio with Pictures’, she established an extensive career in television and radio.

Her debut novel ‘Emerald Budgies’ won Best First Book Award in the New Zealand Book Awards, 2001. She has since had published two more novels and currently works as a presenter on Radio New Zealand.

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Karen Hay

Karyn Hay, ONZM. Photo provided and used with permission.

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