Continuing to build the Endowment of the Library is the constant goal of the Endowment Trust. Gifts of money and/or documentary heritage materials for the Library are the main building blocks.

There are three principal areas in the development of the Library which the Endowment Trust supports.

The first two are traditional, and the third is new:

  1. Public donations of culturally significant materials have always been important for the development of the Library’s heritage collections, and for extending knowledge through research. The Endowment Trust has from time to time assisted with the acquisition of nationally significant heritage materials;
  2. Growing the funds managed by the Endowment Trust depends on donations and bequests; and
  3. Collecting, storing and making accessible new materials of cultural and heritage value in digital formats, and making accessible already held materials in traditional formats by creating digital copies, is a major new demand on the work of the Library which requires new sources of financial support.

To discuss making a donation or a bequest, please contact the Endowment Trust.